The Instruments section of this Resource Center was developed to provide a repository for instruments useful for measuring outcomes in pediatric integrated care. To foster unfettered use, the instruments listed are those freely available in the public domain.

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Atlas of Integrated Behavioral Health Care Quality Measures
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT)
Colorado Access/Value Options
Integrated Treatment Tool
Center for Evidence-Based Practices
MEHAF Site Self-Assessment (SSA)
Maine Health Access Foundation
A Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Healthcare
Center for Integrated Health Solutions
Behavioral Health Integration Checklist
AIMS Center University of Washington
A Guide to Resources, Promising Practices and Tools
CMMS/The Lewin Group/Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Resources in Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions
SAMHSA/National Council for Behavioral Health
Integrated Behavioral Health Project

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