The Education section of this Resource Center was developed to provide a repository for educational materials and presentations regarding pediatric integrated care, as a means of facilitating learning and teaching.

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Educational Material/Guides/Curricular


Behavioral Health Homes: The Core Clinical Features
Brief Behavioral Health Interventions in Primary Care
Consultation for Kids: Models of Psychiatric Consultation in Pediatric Primary Care
Health IT for Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Integration
How Are They Doing It? Best Practices in Sustaining On-Site Training of Behavioral Health Clinicians
Implementing Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in Clinical Settings
Improving Health through Trauma-Informed Care
Improving Quality and Access to Integrated Care for Racially Diverse and Limited English Proficiency Communities
Integration Innovations: A Discussion with Federal Agencies
Integration Models: Lessons From the Behavioral Health Field
Introduction to Effective Behavioral Health in Primary Care
It's Just Good Medicine: Trauma-Informed Primary Care
Making Apps and Web-based Tools Part of Your Integrated Behavioral Health Team
Motivational Interviewing for Better Health Outcomes
Person-Centered Health Homes
Remote Yet Resourceful: Integrating Behavioral Health in Rural Primary Care
Resources for Culturally Appropriate Integrated Services for LGBT Individuals
Resources for the New Integrated Healthcare Workforce
Strategies for Early Intervention and Treatment for Adolescent Alcohol Use in Health Centers
Strengths-Based Supervisory Skills for Integrated Care Success
Suicide Prevention Tools for Primary Care Providers
The Primary Care Provider's Role in Preventing Suicide
Three Strategies for Effective Referrals to Specialty Mental Health and Addiction Services
Treatment Innovations: Perspectives from Addiction Providers Integrating Primary Care

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